What's In Your Dancebag?

Atri Nundy

The bag
The bag is from Bali, purchased from a boutique store that I walked by nearly every day for about two weeks, while rehearsing for a project in Ubud. It is big enough to stuff items into and has smaller pouches on the inside to hold smaller items. 
Snacks and water
Most of the time, my days at the studio span over a couple of meals and I tend to take snacks, like the wasabi peas, and water to keep me running between meals. I’ve had this water bottle for almost a year, without losing it, making it my longest lasting bottle, despite it soaking through my bag numerous times because I’ve forgotten to close the lid properly. 
My schedule requires that I frequently drive into the sun to get to class, and my sunglasses have become an essential part of my driving experience. The car is also where I eat most of my meals, drink my coffee and relax. 
Hair pins and elastics
Always missing in action whenever they are absolutely necessary. 
Clothes and toiletries
I have a pair of rolled-up, well-worn jeans that I change into after class, cream and deodorant, all necessary before stepping outside into the real world. 
The tech
Technology has become an essential part of being an artist. The USB drive in my bag is borrowed from my mentor, who was sharing some pictures and videos with me for a grant application. I use my phone to listen to music and watch videos. It is the one item that always disappears into the deep pit that is my bag. That’s why I have the flashlight. I use it to dig things out of my car, to open my front door when the porch light is off and to find things at the bottom of my bag. When I can find neither the flashlight nor the item that I’m looking for, the contents of my purse find themselves strewn across the floor. 
Ticket stubs
I enjoy watching other artists display their passion. This ticket stub is from the In/ Future Festival, held at Ontario Place. I saw The Perfect Word [by Peggy Baker Dance Projects], ate a sushi-burrito and listened to an all-female mariachi band from New York City. 
“The relationship dancers have with their dancebag is precious. Mine is affectionately known as the Pit of Doom or the It-Has-To-Be-In-Here bag. It contains items that provide a snapshot of my daily life. Whether my bag is overstuff or filled with only the essentials, I would not be able to get through the day without it.” - Atri Nundy
Nundy performs in Pralaya, a collaboration of bharatanatyam and Balinese dance, presented by Sampradaya Dance Creations November 11th and 12th at the Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, in Toronto.


Atri Nundy / Photo by Onward & Upward Photography

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