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Variations on the “F” Word 

By Samantha Mehra The Toronto Fringe Festival  Toronto Fringe Festival

 I love how the word “fringe” rolls off the tongue. When I pronounce it, I fleetingly and inadvertently smile.


Luminato Dance: The Canadians 

By Michael Crabb “Tono”, “Skin Divers”, “The Second Person” Sandra Laronde, Red Sky Performance, Dominique Dumais, The National Ballet of Canada, Crystal Pite, Nederlands Dans Theater

For ten days in early June Toronto goes crazy for culture; sort of. That’s when Luminato, the city’s much-vaunted, robustly sponsored “festival of arts and creativity” saturates the scene with a multi-disciplinary cornucopia of offerings aimed at boosting the cultural image of Toronto’s as a “world-class” city.  

Dora Award Nominees in Dance announced

On June 3rd, the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts announced this year’s nominees for the Dora Mavor Moore Awards acknowled…

TDT hosts German artists

From May 21st through 30th, Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) hosted a number of events and discussion…

Spring Forward! connects emerging arts professionals

In March, Elizabeth Chitty, Executive Director of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists’ Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON), presented the...


images and rituals: dance: made in canada/fait au canada 

By Michael Crabb dance: made in canada/fait au canada 2009 Susie Burpee, Jolene Bailie, Freya Olafson, Holly Small

The latest edition of dance made in canada/fait au canada – a biennial event curated by princess productions’ Yvonne Ng, a multi-talented Toronto-based artist with a quaint aversion to uppercase letters – begins with an arresting image. 

Silly walks to support CADA-ON

The Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON) is hosting The Ministry of Silly Walks Walk-A-Thon on Wednesday, …

Second season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada

After a successful first season, with an average of 1.4 million viewers per episode, So You Think You Can Dance Canada will return…


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 3

Interview with Peter Quanz, Anton Lubchenko and Elena Tchernichova By Selma Odom

Choreographer Peter Quanz and composer Anton Lubchenko reflected on the production of In Colour after its last performance by The National Ballet of Canada in March.


“Maybe I am just a story I keep telling myself” 

By Samantha Mehra “Frames” William Yong, Zata Omm Dance Projects

Silhouettes. Shadows. Peepholes. Clothing. Media. Language. The objects which frame our perceptions of the world are countless and often hidden from or by us.


Performing Masculinity 

By Samantha Mehra “(Re)tracing Fred” Darcey Callison, Da Collision

With every theoretical lens, something new is revealed about the implications of Fred Astaire’s performances.  


How long? 

By Michael Crabb “It’s About Time: 60 Dances in 60 Minutes” Dancemakers

In his latest work as Dancemakers’ artistic director, Michael Trent neatly avoids any accusation of redundancy by exploring the subject of time without resort to dance in the ordinary, everyday sense of the word – the sense understood by the thousands of people who escape everyday reality by watching beautiful bodies moving to music.


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 2

Interview with Peter Quanz By Selma Odom

Peter Quanz has just embarked on orchestra and tech rehearsals with The National Ballet of Canada for In Colour, which opens March 4th.


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 1

Interview with Peter Quanz By Selma Odom

Peter Quanz is currently in rehearsal with The National Ballet of Canada for his new ballet In Colour, with a score by composer Anton Lubchenko.

Undercurrents | Courant Continu

Yasmina Ramzy

By Megan Andrews

Yasmina Ramzy is a dancer/choreographer and the founder and artistic director of Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra, Arabesque Academy, and the International Bellydance Conference of Canada.


Character Study 

By Michael Crabb “The future memory heartbreak junction” Sasha Ivanochko, blackandblue dance projects

“She’s the Tart of Hearts, Lady of the Evening, Diva, Tough Cookie, Grand Mess, Plain Jane, Beauty and Beast.” That’s how Toronto-based Sasha Ivanochko describes the character revealed in “The future memory heartbreak junction”.


Unresolved Encounters 

By Michael Crabb “Dis/(sol/ve)r” Toronto Dance Theatre

By any standard “Dis/(sol/ve)r”, Christopher House’s curiously titled new work for Toronto Dance Theatre, is extraordinary.  

Undercurrents | Courant Continu

Menaka Thakkar and Sudha Khandwani

By Megan Andrews

Menaka Thakkar of the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company and her sister Sudha Khandwani of Kalanidhi Fine Arts of Canada are co-producers of the upcoming International Dance Festival and Conference: ContemporaryChoreography in Indian Dance.


The Rite and Harmony of “White” 

By Penelope Ford “White” Xing Dance Theatre of Canada

The beauty of the technique of classical dance is born in the ritualistic process of endowing the body with dance, in the hope that it will enchant the soul.  


"From the Horse's Mouth" 

By Michael Crabb The Premiere Dance Theatre 25 years on  Tina Croll, Jamie Cunningham

Harbourfront Centre celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Premiere Dance Theatre with the first Canadian production of From the Horse’s Mouth, an adaptable, transportable, live performance documentary program concept, devised a decade ago by New York-based dance artists Tina Croll and Jamie Cunningham.