Two Snaps from the Festival Transatlantique 

By Philip Szporer Maboungou and Muriva  Zab Maboungou, Gibson Muriva

Two welcome evenings of contemporary African dance greeted audiences at the seventh edition of the Transatlantique Festival, co-produced with Montréal arts interculturels.  

New school premises for LADMMI

Les Ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal inc. (LADMMI) is now on the path to receiving a brand new home. Montreal city council de…

The Weight of Words

The Second États généraux de la danse professionnelle du Québec By Marie Claire Forté

“The written word endures and is eventually accepted as authority,” proclaimed Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) director Lorraine Hébert at the launch of the second États généraux de la danse professionnelle du Québec, a summit conference on professional dance in the province.


Bodies: Concrete, Multiple and Diffuse - Part 2 

By Megan Andrews, Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté Festival TransAmériques 2009  Festival TransAmériques

For the 2009 edition of the Festival TransAmérique in Montréal, Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté and I each contributed impressions and reflections. Here’s Part 2. 


Bodies: Concrete, Multiple and Diffuse - Part 1 

By Megan Andrews, Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté Festival TransAmériques 2009  Festival TransAmériques

For the 2009 edition of the Festival TransAmérique in Montréal, Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté and I each contributed impressions and reflections. Here’s Part 1. 

In the Studio | En Studio

Marc Boivin

By Megan Andrews

« Longtemps, la simple satisfaction de danser a dépassé mon désir de créer. De l’interprétation à l’enseignement et plus récemment à la chorégraphie, la recherche et le plaisir de la pratique dans ses différentes formes ont tracé mon chemin. | “For a long time, the simple satisfaction of dancing has overridden my desire to create. From interpretation to teaching and more recently choreographing, research and the pleasure of practicing different forms has marked my path.

Photo of Lynda G
Undercurrents | Courant Continu

Lynda Gaudreau

By Megan Andrews

Lynda Gaudreau is a choreographer and artistic director of Compagnie de Brune in Montréal.


Moving Through Time and Technology 

By Philip Szporer Cibler & Passage Kondition Pluriel, Danse K par K/Karine Ledoyen

Karine Ledoyen’s “Cibler” reveals itself like a visual diary of private allusions, and this group work gives us a sense of why people have been talking up this next-generation choreographer.  


Beneath the Gesture, Under Our Skin 

By Philip Szporer “La Chambre Blanche” O Vertigo

With the recreation of “La Chambre Blanche”, O Vertigo celebrates twenty-five years of making dance.  


A Unique Whimsy 

By Philip Szporer “Ôs” Krea Movo, Lucie Carmen Grégoire

Lucie Carmen Grégoire is finding her voice. This fresh choreographer, who is establishing herself within the ranks of Montreal’s dance community, recently presented the local premiere of her latest work, “Ôs”.  


How do you critique a dying man’s art? 

By Philip Szporer “Over My Dead Body” Dave St-Pierre

Dave St-Pierre is dying. It’s not a secret. Over the last many years, he’s been up-front about it in interviews and on stage.

Undercurrents | Courant Continu

Hélène Langevin

By Megan Andrews

Hélène Langevin est directrice artistique de Bouge de là, une compagnie québécoise qui crée des spectacles multidisciplinaires pour le jeune public.


Character, comedy, video, wigs … oh, and some dancing 

By Philip Szporer “Dulcinea’s Lament”, “Çaturn” Dulcinea Langfelder & Co., Naomi Stikeman

Dulcinea Langfelder loves to tell stories, and she loves to make people laugh. She does both in spades in her new fusion of theatre, movement, song and multimedia, “Dulcinea’s Lament”.


Two plus Four 

By Philip Szporer Patterson and Ward with Trosztmer and Juteau at Studio 303 & Murugesan and Wadge at the Festival Transatlantique Montréal   Peter Trosztmer, Audrée Juteau, Thea Patterson, Katie Ward, Festival Transatlantique Montréal, Meena Murugesan, Chanti Wadge  

A combo of two intriguing solo works, presented at the Festival Transatlantique Montréal, jumpstarted the new season.


In and Out of Frame 

By Philip Szporer “Enfin vous zestes” Louise Bédard

Creativity is shaped in different ways, and inspiration leads to sometimes unexpected results.  


Remix, Mash-Up, Smash-Up, etc. 

By Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté Festival TransAmériques 2008  Festival TransAmériques

Philip Szporer and Marie Claire Forté in conversation throughout the Festival TransAmériques 2008. 


A Portrait: the artist in his forties 

By Philip Szporer “Quarantaine 4x4” Charmaine LeBlanc

“Quarantaine 4x4” is that happy experience in the theatre where you leave feeling full, uplifted.  


M.Talk.2: a conversation between critics 

By Kaija Pepper, Philip Szporer M.Body.7 Margie Gillis

Writers Philip Szporer from Montréal and Kaija Pepper from Vancouver both saw M.Body.7 in their respective cities. Here, they compare their notes.


Indigenous Dancelands 

By Melanie Florence “The Threshing Floor” Kaha:wi Dance Theatre

On the night of the worst snowstorm of the year in Montréal, I trekked through the sleet and wind to a small dance space called Tangente to see the touring performance of Indigenous Dancelands, a program of three works by aboriginal Canadians: Gaétan Gingras performing “Mémoire de sang”; Michelle Olson and Kimberly Tuson (Raven Spirit Dance) in “Songs of Shär Cho”; and Santee Smith and Michael Greyeyes (Kaha:wi Dance Theatre) in “The Threshing Floor”.


Choreographer returns to "adult" work 

By Philip Szporer “Suites cruelles” Hélène Blackburn, Cas Public

Cue Nancy Sinatra’s hit tune, “These Boots Are Made for Walking”, and cue the fun. If you don’t remember it, the sixties song kicks, and to hear it bang out of the speakers at a contemporary dance performance is cheeky.