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Corps Bara: Forging a Spiritual Connection

April 14th through 16th in Calgary, the Corps Bara Project Company presents VIA in collaboration with the Cum Vino Cantos Chamber Choir. Keeping…

Tara Wilson: Strengthening Hip Hop in Calgary

The April 2011 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item about Tara Wilson and her work as an independent artist: “Tara Wilson is bri…

Alberta Dance Festival: Cayley Hanrahan

This recent addition to YouTube comes from the 29th Annual Alberta Dance Festival in Calgary, which continues to run through February 26th. The work he…

Karen New Year: Bamboo Dance

Yesterday was New Years day for the Karen (Kayin) people, celebrating their 2750th year of their calendar. Repression of this indigenous group from Bur…

Compagnie Drift: Sound Machine

The December 2010/January 2011 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item highlighting the co-artistic director of Compagnie Drift fro…

Decidedly Jazz Dancworks: Canvas

Last week, Calgary’s Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) performed its bi-annual dancer-choreographed show at Theatre Junction Grand under the direction of…


Diverse Offerings

By Jocelyn Grossé Calgary’s Fluid Movement Arts Festival Fluid Movement Arts Festival

Calgary’s Fluid Movement Arts Festival, presented by Springboard Dance, included New York’s Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and emerging Calgary-based and Western Canadian choreographers.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks: Wiseapple

Tonight through June 20th in Calgary, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks presents Wiseapple by Kimberley Cooper.


The Gigantic, Fantastic Elton John 

By Oriana Pagnotta “Love Lies Bleeding” Jean Grand-Maître, Alberta Ballet

You know you’re not walking into a typical evening at the ballet when they’re selling florescent boas and sparkly, star-shaped sunglasses at the merchandise table.

DJD Presents 2010: A Tap Oddity

Calgary’s Theatre Junction Grand is set for the run of 2010: A Tap Oddity by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) from March 19 through 28th.

New contemporary dance class initiative in Calgary

The Calgary Contemporary Dance Collective, initiated by Helen Husak, Naomi Brand and Kelly McCann, is now offering drop-in contemp…


Much to Calgary’s disappointment, next week’s performance of Wave by Sylvain Émard Danse at the High Performance Rodeo is canceled.

Rosanna Terracciano

Last weekend, Rosanna Terracciano presented work with Myriam Allard and company La Otra Orilla in Calgary and Edmonton.

Fluid Movement Arts Festival celebrates physical performance

Calgary’s Fluid Movement Arts Festival wrapped up its fourth year on October 25th. The week-long festival presented by Springboar…


Dancing to Save Paradise 

By Kaija Pepper Dancing Joni & Other Works Alberta Ballet

The press interest in “The Fiddle and the Drum” by Alberta Ballet’s artistic director, Jean Grand-Maître, and legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, surprised everyone – but probably not Mitchell, the cause of it all. Though apparently reclusive, she must be used to attention after four successful decades in the music business and, in order to publicize the ballet, was willing to hold court.  


"I was looking at the ceiling and THEN I SAW THE SKY" 

"I was looking at the ceiling and THEN I SAW THE SKY" Nicole Mion

Nicole Mion’s latest work, “I was looking at the ceiling and THEN I SAW THE SKY”, is at once a musing on flight, performance, fear and exhilaration.

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