Call for Submissions: Dancing during Quarantine

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Call for Quarantined-Themed Submissions
Deadline: Monday, April 6, 12 pm

Submit content to The Dance Current so we can publish it online! This is primarily a call for more playful content that reflects various improvisations to dance practices across Canada during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

We define “quarantine-themed submissions” as those that fall within the scope of the self-isolation and social distancing parameters recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada during COVID-19.

Quarantined-themed submissions will be published on thedancecurrent.com and may be considered for print publishing. Once published on our website a handful of images will be published across our social media channels.


1. Photo Submissions

We are curating photo submissions for a series of #canadadances during COVID-19 photo galleries on thedancecurrent.com/galleries. Please find listed below some loosely defined theme categories. Once we review submissions, theme categories may change to reflect emerging concepts. 

  • Living space: what space in your home do you dance the most? What space in your home inspires you to dance? What are the architectural factors (light, room size, floor quality, wall fixtures, etc.) or other considerations you make for dancing in that particular home living space? What improvisations have you had to make to the space or your practice to fit dancing into your day?
  • Meditative public: Have you been taking solo walks? What’s inspired you or your practice during your walks? What thoughts occupy your walking space?
  • #dancechallenge: what social media dance challenges have you been participating in? What’s the #hashtag? What have you learned about the challenge and/or your own practice after doing the challenge?
  • Healthy dancer: what are your go-to home strength training or stretching poses? Why are they especially good for your own dance practice?
  • Self-care curation: share a picture of something or a collection of things, or jot down point form what’s keeping you inspired during COVID-19 quarantine. We welcome anything silly, playful or intellectual
  • Dancing doodles: Have you been doodling to pass the time? What choreographic gestures have you discovered through your drawings?

If you have a great photo to submit but it perhaps does not fit within any of the above submission themes, that’s okay! We will determine where to place your photo in our online galleries or curate a separate theme if a number of non-theme related images are submitted.


2. Dancer’s Kitchen (Recipe Submissions)

Before you send us your submission, check out our Dancer’s Kitchen column to understand our style and structure. Recipes might include calendula salves, pho, cabbage rolls, biltong, buss up shut roti, masala dosas, tingmo, etc.

In addition to the below submission application requirements, please include in your emailed recipe submission:

  • Dish (recipe) name
  • A photo of the dish
  • Describe the dish and why you like it
  • Provide the full recipe (ingredients and directions)
  • Tell us your tips on how to succeed at making it or special ingredients you personally add to improve the recipe, etc.


Here are some useful tips for taking high quality images with your smartphone:

  • Use a white piece of paper as the background for your subject or collection of items
  • Use the “pro” or high resolution camera settings on your smartphone
  • Adjust White balance (WB) to your preferred setting or use Auto White Balance.
  • Make sure to use an ISO at or under 800 to ensure image isn’t grainy
  • Turn off your flash. Flashes tend to reflect harshly off of white surfaces like paper. The result is a washed-out image.
  • Find the best lighting. Since you can’t use a flash, the document needs to have ample natural light. Position the document near a window or directly under a lamp.
  • Don’t zoom. Zooming typically lowers the quality of the image file. Instead, try to fill the camera frame with as much of the paper document as possible by rotating your camera 90 degrees so that a letter-sized piece of paper fills even more of the screen.
  • Tap the screen to focus and sharpen the image.
  • Hold the camera phone with both hands to keep it steady or use the image stabilizer option available on some smartphones. Slight movements can produce a blurry image, especially in low-light situations.
  • Take a test picture. Make sure your lighting, focus, exposure, and position settings all look right. Make adjustments as needed and take test photos until you’re happy with the settings, then fire away.
  • Don’t add filters. Keep things as natural as possible to ensure the best photo quality and presentation.


Complete emailed submission proposal(s) and support material must include:

  • Your full name
  • Preferred pronouns
  • city/town/province
  • Indigenous territory (should you not know your territory, feel free to consult native-land.ca)
  • Short biography (maximum of 100 words)
  • Social media handles
  • Submission category (should be in email subject line too) – if you are submitting to more than one category, please indicate clearly
  • A maximum of 2 good quality digital images with (file named 01, 02-photo title-dancerslastname)
  • A corresponding photo documentation list (01, 02) with any relevant photo credits (selfies accepted)
  • A max 100-word photo description of each picture based on submission category or photo theme reflections and information needed


Please email your complete submission application to dc.editor [at] thedancecurrent [dot] com by Monday, April 6, 2020 at 12 pm. 

With one full-time staff, The Dance Current may not respond to submission queries or questions.

Should you have your own quarantine-themed submission ideas, please pitch them in a separate proposal and include “Pitch” in the email subject line. Email pitches to dc.editor [at] thedancecurrent [dot] com. Please note that it may take us some time to respond as we are currently in print production.  Your patience is appreciated.