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Valerie Calam

Valerie Calam, Matjash Mrozewski, Vicki St.Denys

Ryerson Dances 2017

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 14-18 novembre 2017
Tue-Sat @ 8:00 | Mardi-Samedi @ 20:00
Performance Art


Diving Deep: Valerie Calam

A series of conversations with mid-career contemporary dance artists By Danielle Baskerville

Toronto dance artist Danielle Baskerville speaks with contemporary dance artists in their mid-career and beyond about how they sustain themselves and how they move forward – physically, creatively, psychically, practically. She recorded chats from Brussels, Belgium, and Berlin, Germany, and continues the conversations back home in Canada.


Performing Performances

By Kathleen Smith SummerWorks Festival

Dance was front and centre at SummerWorks this year, building on some serious bonds forged during past editions of this annual contemporary performance festival in Toronto.


Mixed messages

By Bridget Cauthery with a trace

firstthingsfirst presents an evening of exceptional contemporary dance.


Tranquility, Destruction, Struggle, Amusement: Four Choreographers, Four Very Different Dances  

By Suzanne Jaeger Four at the Winch Sara Porter, Andrea Nann, Valerie Calam, Louis Laberge-Côté, Toronto Dance Theatre

A musician sits at the far left of the stage with a banjo and percussive instruments including bowls of water. In front of him is a small boat, “dry docked” with colourful nets hanging from it. Invoking familiar images of a seaside beach, a life jacket and bucket hang from ropes dropped from the fly, and at the front, seashells of various sizes and shapes are piled on the floor. The dance begins with …