Terrill Maguire


The Privilege of the Pastoral

Grove raises crucial questions during a period of global outcry By Erin Baldwin

Julia Alpin and Terrill Maguire’s pastoral meditation livestream, Grove, raises questions about accessibility and inequity.

Terrill Maguire


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 7 novembre 2018

Claudia Moore, Terrill Maguire, Michelle Silagy, Arwyn Carpenter, Cristina González, Carol Anderson

A Dance In the Garden: Elemental

Installation | Installation

Bloomfield ON
August 20 août 2017
5:30 | 17:30
Modern, Contemporary

Carol Anderson, Terrill Maguire

The Creator's Exchange - Yoga & Writing workshop

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
April 29 avril 2016
3:30-6 | 15:30-18:00

Nicole Nigro in Ford Advantage

New work by Toronto-based Nicole Nigro explores minivans, renewal and the intersection of joy and grief.

Writers & Readers

Grant Strate: Generous, Spirited, Inspiring

In preparation for her profile of Canadian dance legend Grant Strate, Carol Anderson asked friends and colleagues about their memories and recollections of working with the man himself.


The Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network Mentorship Program

The Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network (CSARN) is developing a mentorship program. Officially launched in January 2014, CSARN is currently accepting applications from professional artists of all ages. Mentors must be sixty or older, but mentees can be artists of any age wishing to develop new skills.

Toronto Heritage Dance showcases Canadian choreographers

In celebration of Canadian dance's vibrant past and present, Toronto Heritage Dance recently showcased the work of six eminent Can...

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