Tedd Robinson

Fondation de danse Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, Margie Gillis, Tedd Robinson

Cavatines et Contrepoints

Performance | Spectacle

Lévis QC
March 14 mars 2014
8:00 | 20:00

Jennifer Dallas, Tedd Robinson


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
September 18-21 septembre 2013


Dances in a Small Room I and II / Canvas 5 x 5 

By Munju Monique Ravindra Claudia Moore and Mocean Dance Claudia Moore / Tedd Robinson / Mocean Dance

Live Art Dance Productions puts on shows that are just that: Art. Live. Dance. And, like so much of art (and of life), unexpected juxtapositions can change what you perceive.


A Tale (of two) Continued 

By Kathleen Smith Mixed Repertoire 2011 tiger princess dance projects

Great partnerships are often based on interlocking invisible strengths rather than obvious similarities.

In the Studio | En Studio

Susie Burpee: The Contours of Character

By Megan Andrews

Susie Burpee creates “fully human characters, struggling for connection” (The Toronto Star).

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Tedd Robinson: beauty, art, retreat, nature | beauté, art, retraite, nature

By Megan Andrews, Rod MacIvor

Tedd Robinson took up residence in the Pontiac, Québec, in 2005 and has been presenting dance in his barn since the summer of 2007.

Claudia Moore: Older & Reckless

“Older and Reckless, started by Toronto-based dancer/choreographer Claudia Moore, is celebrating its tenth anniversary season in 2009/10.

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Old Men Dancing: Do Not Resuscitate | Ne pas ressusciter

By Megan Andrews, Esther Vincent

Old Men Dancing (OMD) was formed by musician and composer Michael Hermiston and emergency medical technician George Barron in 2002.

Canada Dance Festival: The 2008 Collection 

By Bridget Cauthery Canada Dance Festival  Canada Dance Festival 

Red arrows fixed to the sidewalk led the audience from Elgin Street to the terraces atop the National Art Centre for the premiere of Ottawa-based performance artist Kenneth Emig’s site-specific work at the Canada Dance Festival 2008.