Tedd Robinson

Mark Kunji Ikeda / Photo courtesy of CanAsian Dance KickStart Festival
Lee Su-Feh, Tedd Robinson, David Norsworthy, Justin de Luna, Suzanne Liska, Takako Segawa, Pamela Tzeng, Mark Kunji Ikeda

CanAsian Dance KickStart Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
September 23-30 septembre 2018
Contemporary, Asian


Shadows, Portraiture, Mime and Velvet

Four works old and new at 3,2,1 Dance! By Lori Straus

3,2,1 Dance! is a contemporary dance performance of four pieces, with choreography by Robert Desrosiers, Robert Glumbek, Jasmyn Fyffe and Tedd Robinson.

Photo by Cyllavon Tiedman(1983)
Amanda Acorn, Jasmyn Fyffe, Hanna Kiel, Tedd Robinson, Christopher House

Glass Fields

Performance | Spectacle

March 20-24 mars 2018
Tue-Sat @ 8:00 | Mardi-Samedi @ 20:00

Photo Courtesy of Presenter
Robert Desrosiers, Tedd Robinson, Yvonne Ng, Robert Glumbek, Jasmyn Fyffe

3,2,1 Dance!

Performance | Spectacle

Markham ON
February 7 février 2018
Wed @ 8:00 | Mercredi @ 20:00

Angie Cheng, Charles Quevillon, Tedd Robinson


Performance | Spectacle

Ottawa ON
February 23-25 février 2017
7:30 | 19:30

Simon Renaud, Tedd Robinson, Andrew Hartley, Emma Kerson


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
February 15-18 février 2017
8:00 | 20:00


Final Accolades of 2016

Musical theatre graduates Jahlen Barnes and Arinea Hermans were awarded the 2016 Syd and Shirley Banks Prize, Vicki Adams Willis of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks was named an influential Alberta artist, Yvonne Ng received the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts and Mocean Dance won the 2016 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award for Canvas 5 x 5 by Tedd Robinson.


Rhythms of Familiar Lovers

By Emma Doran lifeDUETs

Featuring choreography by Benjamin Kamino and Tedd Robinson, lifeDUETs for Karen and Allen Kaeja is a meditation on how the emotional polarities of a long-term partnership are, in fact, not oppositional but cut from the same cloth.

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