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Tanya Crowder

SWAP IT! event aims to satisfy community's needs

On September 25th, the first SWAP IT!, an arts resource-sharing event hosted by The Alliance of Independent Mid-Career Dance Creat...

Dance Matters. And now, it is official.

Toronto-based Tanya Crowder’s HOWDARESHE Productions has been the umbrella for a number of her creative collaborations. Among thes…

Sinha Danse: A Matter of Life and Breath

This Thursday and Saturday, July 15th and 17th, Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival presents Roger Sinha’s A Matter of Life and Breath, performed as a duet by Tanya Crowder and Tom Casey.

Variations on the “F” Word 

By Samantha Mehra The Toronto Fringe Festival  Toronto Fringe Festival

 I love how the word “fringe” rolls off the tongue. When I pronounce it, I fleetingly and inadvertently smile.


When Dance Fell to Grace: a trio of solos (unsolicitied) 

By Penelope Ford Falling to Grace HOWDARESHE productions

Tanya Crowder describes the austere beauty of Venus in repose: supple neck climbing out of extended collarbones, braced by curving shoulders, yet her vulnerability is plain in her crooked knees that dip apart and ankles that wilt towards the floor.