Susanne Chui

Susanne Chui, Erin Donovan

Burnwater: Alchemy

Performance | Spectacle

Parrsboro NS
August 1-2 août 2018
August 1 @ 8:00 | 20:00 , August 2 @ 2:00, 6:00 & 8:00 | 14:00, 18:00 & 20:00


Moving Others

The relationship between audience engagement and attendance By Emma Doran

Most dance artists and presenters must negotiate the tension between creating work that meets their artistic goals, that is accessible to their community and that provides the fiscal support required to live as an artist and to run a company. Emma Doran speaks with artists, organizations and presenters across the country to discuss how they envision their audience, how they are seeking to reach those individuals and what constitutes meaningful engagement with them.

Burnwater: Alchemy

East Coast artists make an interdisciplinary connection between the art of the moving body and that of blacksmith work in Burnwater: Alchemy.

For a Quartet

Professional contemporary dance in Nova Scotia has come a long way in fifteen years, thanks in large part to Mocean Dance, who are celebrating with an anniversary show.


2016 Dance Day Message

Since 2005, the Canadian Dance Assembly has issued a message on behalf of the dance community in Canada as part of International Dance Day on April 29. This year’s IDD Ambassador is Halifax-based dance artist and Mocean Dance Co-Artistic Director Susanne Chui.

Mocean Dance, Susanne Chui

Ordinary Rebels

Performance | Spectacle

Halifax NS
April 29 avril 2016
4-5 PM

Susanne Chui in Her blameless mystery

Her blameless mystery by New Brunswick-based choreographer Lesandra Dodson for dancer Susanne Chui is inspired by the life of Emily Dickinson.

On the Ground

Keeping Current Through Collaboration

By Sarah Douglas

Halifax is home to a wealth of seasoned and traditional creators, a leader in fostering dance artistry in Atlantic Canada. Enhanced by a wave of refreshingly curious and newfangled exploration, the dance community in Halifax attracts new audiences by establishing partnerships with media artists and working in interdisciplinary collaboration to embrace diversity in performance and process.

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