Stephanie Ballard

Dancer's Kitchen

Stephanie's Bite-Size Veggie Quiches

A speedy snack and savoury hosting treat for potlucks and parties

Kathleen Hiley, Margie Gillis, Stephanie Ballard, Peter Quanz, Gaile Petursson-Hiley

Kathleen Hiley Solo Projects

Performance | Spectacle

Winnipeg MB
February 12-13 février 2016
8:00 | 20:00


NAfro: Moving Inspirations Festival

By Holly Harris NAfro: Moving Inspirations Festival  NAfro Dance Productions

Ten years after being birthed by founding artistic director Casimiro Nhussi, Winnipeg’s NAfro Dance Productions has come of age.


A Celebration of Dance and Dancers 

By Holly Harris “Homeagain” Stephanie Ballard

They say you can’t go home again. But for Winnipeg choreographer Stephanie Ballard, “home” is always as close as the nearest dance studio or stage.

Language of Dance 

By Gregory C. Beatty Stream of Dance Festival  Stream of Dance Festival

Since its founding in 1986, New Dance Horizons has gained strength with each passing year. In 2002, it took its most ambitious step yet, organizing and presenting Stream of Dance, a three-day festival devoted to prairie dance.