Simone Orlando


Renaissance Reimagined

Ballet Kelowna By Brittany Duggan Renaissance

Renaissance is an evening of contemporary ballet and contemporary music inspired by the music of Renaissance masters, a mixed program between Ballet Kelowna and Toronto’s Continuum Contemporary Music.


New Appointments at Ballet Kelowna and Canadian Society for Dance Studies

July marks a time of new beginnings for two prominent Canadian dance groups, with Ballet Kelowna and the Canadian Society for Dance Studies (CSDS) each announcing changes in direction.

In Creation

In Creation is a short film by Lynne Spencer, depicting the choreographic process of Simone Orlando as she develops a new work on Makaila Wallace and Donald Sales.

In the Studio | En Studio

Alison Denham: playing in space | espace de jeu

By Megan Andrews

“It is the role of the interpreter that deeply resonates with me and where I focus my attention.


Firebird 2011 receives $60,000 production fund

Vancouver’s Turning Point Ensemble has been named the winner of the Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award for music/opera 2011. The a…


A Month of Dance in Vancouver 

By Rob Kitsos, Kaija Pepper Vancouver International Dance Festival  Vancouver International Dance Festival 

“Looking back over the month-long Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF), produced by Kokoro Dance Artistic Directors Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi, my strongest memory is of having a lot of fun,” says Kaija Pepper. 


Once Upon an Ultra-Modern Time 

By Kaija Pepper “Relâche!” Turning Point Ensemble

“Relâche”, which means “Theatre Closed” or “No Performance”, is one of those avant-garde ballets posterity loves to remember.  

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