Serge Bennathan


Remote Sable Island brought to life by Mocean Dance

By Shannon Webb-Campbell Close Reach

Wild horses couldn’t drag us away from the world premiere of Sable Island, the first full-length production by Halifax’s Mocean Dance since 2010. Choreographed by Serge Bennathan, one of Canada’s most distinctive voices in dance, who immigrated from France in 1985, Sable Island is deeply emotional, untamable and an elemental dance performance. As the contemporary dance bill promised, Close Reach, an evening sail of dance, theatre and music featured Sable Island and Live from the Flash Pan.

Mocean Dance, Serge Bennathan, Cory Bowles

Close Reach

Performance | Spectacle

Dartmouth  SK
April 30-2 mai 2015
8:00 | 20:00

EDAM (Experimental Dance And Music), Peter Bingham, Serge Bennathan, Ziyian Kwan

EDAM Presents...

Performance | Spectacle

Vancouver BC
November 19-29 novembre 2014
November 19, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29 only @ 8:00 | seulement les 19, 21, 22, 26, 28 et 29 novembre @ 20:00

Serge Bennathan


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 22-24 novembre 2007


Secretly, a Sisterhood of Wilis 

By Kaija Pepper Elles Serge Bennathan

A bold sketch of fierce arms and low, lusty lunges, Serge Bennathan’s Elles is the fourth dance work to win the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award over the last dozen years (the prize alternates with theatre and music).  


Ballet’s Evolving Story of Style and Presence 

By Kaija Pepper 25th Anniversary Celebration Ballet British Columbia

New dances set to new music: the quartet of commissions celebrating Ballet British Columbia’s twenty-fifth anniversary were very contemporary in their restless explorations of the body in theatrical motion.

In the Studio | En Studio

Susie Burpee: The Contours of Character

By Megan Andrews

Susie Burpee creates “fully human characters, struggling for connection” (The Toronto Star).


Les Productions Figlio wins Rio Tinto Alcan Award

Les Productions Figlio is the winner of the twelfth annual Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, a $60,000 production fund. The c...


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