School of Toronto Dance Theatre (STDT)

Battle, presented by TUDS, at DanceWeekend'17 : Photo courtesy of Dance Ontario.jpg

Developing and Showcasing Dance in Ontario

Two recent events in Toronto allowed the Ontario dance community to come together to support and mentor the next generation of dancers while also showcasing the diversity of the current dance scene in the province.

On the Ground

Jump-Start: Q & A with Shakeil Rollock

By Emma Kerson

Shakeil Rollock’s infectious energy has made him a sought-after emerging dance artist. What has he learned and discovered during his first year as a professional artist?

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Young Professionals

Festival | Festival

Ottawa ON
June 5-6 juin 2016
5:30 | 17:30


The Future Dancers of Canada

A look at the next generation of dancers through performance images of professional and degree-granting programs from across the country.