Rosario Ancer

Flamenco Rosario, Rosario Ancer

Studio Showing: Flamenco Rosario

Performance | Spectacle

Vancouver BC
March 29 mars 2018
5:30 | 17:30


Canadian Dance Recognized At Home and Abroad

A list of Canadian artists recently recognized for their dance work.

Flamenco Rosario: Mis Hermanas

Tonight in Vancouver, Flamenco Rosario closes its run of Mis Hermanas, a multimedia production that touches home for Artistic Director Rosario Ancer.

Dance Centre announces Isadora Awards recipients

Isadora Awards for Excellence in Choreography, Excellence in Performance and Excellence in Teaching were awarded to Rosario Ancer,…


A Flamenco Memoir 

By Kaija Pepper “‘Mis Hermanas’: Thicker than water: My Sisters and I” Rosario Ancer

Rosario Ancer, artistic director of Flamenco Rosario, is Vancouver’s flamenco diva, and the ninety-minute show is half voice-over memoir and half – the best part – dance.