Ron Stewart


Asking the Why of “WhaT,?” 

By Kaija Pepper “WhaT,?” Jennifer Mascall, Ron Stewart

Just a few minutes in, I actually felt dizzy watching Ron Stewart in “WhaT,?”, a full-length solo in which he careens about the stage in an endless stream of giddiness choreographed by Jennifer Mascall, a Vancouver Body-Mind Centering practitioner who has been making dance since the seventies.


Tandem Images 

By Gregory C. Beatty Rêve à deux: Mascall & Chase for Poitras & Stewart  Jennifer Mascall, Robin Poitras, Ron Stewart, Sarah Chase

Probably the most famous couple in dance history is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. While not as well-known as them, Robin Poitras and Ron Stewart – she of Regina, he of Vancouver – have a history of dancing together that dates back to 1998, when Montréal choreographer Bill Coleman teamed them in “Zurich 1916”.