Roger Sinha

Canada's National Ballet School, Kimberley Cooper, Tracee Smith, Eugene Baffoe, Roger Sinha

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June 2 juin 2017

Roger Sinha / Photo by Michael Slobodian

Canada's International Dance Day Message 2017

Since 2005, the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) has issued a message on behalf of the dance community in Canada as part of International Dance Day (IDD) on April 29. This year’s IDD Ambassador is Montréal-based dance artist and Sinha Danse Artistic Director Roger Sinha. He was invited to share his message about dance’s integral place in the lives of Canadians.


Sunya, choreographed in 2013 by Roger Sinha, is a piece based on the experimentation of four dancers, three musicians, a sound designer, a video artist and Sinha himself.

Guelph Dance Festival 2014

Roger Sinha’s Sinha Danse performs Hi5 Lo5 wifi takka takka dhim on Guelph’s mainstage.


Charting His Course 

By Philip Szporer “Question de souffle et de vie” Roger Sinha

When it comes to celebrating a twentieth anniversary, what better way to usher in the milestone than a packed house of well-wishers?


Moments Captured 

By Kaija Pepper, Eury Chang, Alana Gerecke, Mary Theresa Kelly, Sarah Todd Dancing on the Edge 2010  Dancing on the Edge

Capsule reviews by various writers, capturing the essence of the festival.

Sinha Danse: A Matter of Life and Breath

This Thursday and Saturday, July 15th and 17th, Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival presents Roger Sinha’s A Matter of Life and Breath, performed as a duet by Tanya Crowder and Tom Casey.

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