Roberto Campanella

Daniel McArthur, Taylor Bojanowski and Kelly Shaw in ProArteDanza's Figaro 2.0 / Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic
Robert Glumbek, Roberto Campanella

Figaro 2.0

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 1-10 novembre 2018


Summer and Fall Awards

A round up of the 2018 awards


From darkness to light

By Bridget Cauthery Season 2013 ProArteDanza

ProArte’s Season 2013 mixed program was a mixed bag.

ProArteDanza, Hanna Kiel, Laurence Lemieux, Roberto Campanella

Short Stories 2013

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
May 25 mai 2013
8:00 | 20:00 Fri-Sat | vendredi-samedi


32nd Annual Dora Mavor Moore Awards

The 32nd Annual Dora Mavor Moore Awards were held on Monday, June 27th at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts’ Bluma Appel Theatr…


A Tale (of two) Continued 

By Kathleen Smith Mixed Repertoire 2011 tiger princess dance projects

Great partnerships are often based on interlocking invisible strengths rather than obvious similarities.


Working Toward World Class 

By Kathleen Smith ProArteDanza  ProArteDanza

A ProArteDanza opening always has a buzz-y kind of glamour – people dress up, they talk about the work, clearly excited to be there. Some of the city’s finest classical and contemporary dancers grace the stage; the rest can be found in the audience along with students and hip dance fans of all stripes.