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Nostos - a fresh perspective on the past

By Charlotte Priest

The theme of Simon Fraser University’s November contemporary dance repertory production, Nostos, is nostalgia. However, these dancers clearly have their eyes on the future.

A Moving

Paul Wong’s A Moving as performed at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery in Vancouver.

Rob Kitsos

Working Class

Open House | Portes ouvertes, Workshop | Classe

April 29 avril 2013
10:00 | 10:00


SFU's School for Contemporary Arts moves downtown

On August 9th the entire School for Contemporary Arts (SCA) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) moved from Burnaby Mountain to its ne...


Different Lenses, Different Views 

By Imogen Whyte , Mary Theresa Kelly Dancing on the Edge Festival 2006  Dancing on the Edge Festival

This year audiences strayed far and wide at Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival, where the action drifted beyond the festival’s usual haven, that beloved brick building known as the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.