Pierre-Paul Savoie

Savoie / Photo by Rolline Laporte

Remembering Pierre-Paul Savoie, Founding Artistic Director of PPS Danse

Pierre-Paul Savoie was a pro. Nimble in mind and body, feisty and funny. I knew him initially (now more than 35 years ago) – when I was a budding dance writer and he was a student in Concordia University’s dance program.

PPS Danse at Twenty-Five

As Montréal’s PPS Danse prepares to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary, this milestone, according to Artistic Director Pierre-Paul Savoie, “is first and foremost about looking back at all that has been done to illuminate the road we want to follow moving forward.”

PPS Danse, Jeff Hall, Pierre-Paul Savoie

Bagne Recréation

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
December 8 décembre 2015
20:00 | 8:00


Awarding Distinction, Innovation, Contribution and Commitment to Dance in Canada

Ballet BC’s Emily Molnar receives a Women of Distinction Award, Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prizes went to emerging dancers Sasha Beardmore and Candace Gordon and independent dance artists Meredith Kalaman, Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley, the City of Hamilton Arts Awards went to performance artists Learie McNicolls and Robin “Zee” Zilberg, and Montréal’s Culture Action Award went to Pierre Paul Savoie.

PPS Danse, Pierre-Paul Savoie

Les Chaises - 8 ans et +

Performance | Spectacle

Québec City QC
February 11-15 février 2015
11, 12, 13 @ 9:30 | 9:30, Il n’y a pas de spectacle le 14 février | No performance on February 14

Danse Lhasa Danse

PPS Danse is about to embark on tour with Danse Lhasa Danse, a creation by Pierre-Paul Savoie that pays homage to singer Lhasa De Sela.

PPS Danse, Pierre-Paul Savoie

Danse Lhasa Danse

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
June 19 juin 2013


Tonight through to the Saturday (and again the following week), Agora de la Danse in Montreal is presenting two programs arranged by PPS Danse.

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