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Canadians help celebrate Jacob's Pillow anniversary

This summer marks the eightieth anniversary of Jacob’s Pillow international dance festival. Every year thousands of people visit W…


Home Grown 

By Holly Harris Peter Quanz / Q Dance

As one of Winnipeg’s eagerly anticipated rites of spring, Q Dance’s annual presentation has quickly morphed into a season highlight for local dance lovers.  

Peter Quanz: National Choreographers Initiative

Leading up to an exciting performance of new experimental ballets, Canada’s own Peter Quanz is working away with a fresh batch of dancers in southern California at the National Choreographers Initiative.


Multiple Perspectives

By Seika Boye, Julie Houle Cezer, Brittany Duggan, Kaija Pepper Canada Dance Festival  Canada Dance Festival

“Is You Me” (2007) by Benoît Lachambre,“Fragments – Volume 1” (Premiere) by Sylvain Émard Danse, Pre-Professional Culturally Diverse Training Program Showcase, Street/Stage, Q Dance/Quanz Danse and Guillaume Côté/Zdenek Konvalina, Dancemakers, Sinha Danse/Sampradaya, Naomi Stikeman, Robin Poitras, José Navas / Compagnie Flak “S” and “Villanelle”, Noam Gagnon / Compagnie Vision Selective “The Vision Impure”, Amber Funk/the response. “Status Quo”, “Cabinet”, “Valentina”, Ipsita Nova Dance Projects, Paul-André Fortier, Daniel Mroz, Les Ateliers du Corps, Coyote Arts Percussive Performance Association, Byron Chief Moon and COBA (Collective Of Black Artists) at the 2010 Canada Dance Festival.

New ballet ensemble in Winnipeg

Choreographer Peter Quanz officially launched his new ballet ensemble Q Dance / Quanz Danse with a triple bill evening on May 28th…


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 3

Interview with Peter Quanz, Anton Lubchenko and Elena Tchernichova By Selma Odom

Choreographer Peter Quanz and composer Anton Lubchenko reflected on the production of In Colour after its last performance by The National Ballet of Canada in March.


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 1

Interview with Peter Quanz By Selma Odom

Peter Quanz is currently in rehearsal with The National Ballet of Canada for his new ballet In Colour, with a score by composer Anton Lubchenko.

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