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The National Ballet of Canada

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Harbingers of the Future

By Sebastiano Bazzichetto

The future of ballet holds great promise, judging from what was on display last Tuesday during the evening of the Twelfth International Competition for the Erik Bruhn Prize.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Promise for the Future

By David Rudin

Promise for the future, it turns out, can be entertaining in the present.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme


By Dina Ginzburg

A great performance requires more than exquisite technique, as National Ballet of Canada principal dancers Sonia Rodriguez and Guillaume Côté continue to prove.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Cinderella in the Jazz Age

By Victoria Ellingham

The National Ballet of Canada’s Cinderella is certainly not aiming to be flowery. The moment the lights engulf the stage on opening night, November 12, it is obvious this will not be another baroque production.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

A Medley of Magic and Madness

By Marissa Trarback

Before a single dancer appears on stage opening night at The National Ballet of Canada’s production of Giselle, a medley of magic and madness already fills the air.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Sin and Un-Earned Redemption

By Aziza Mohammed

An innocent peasant girl, a prince in disguise, and an undead queen. Saccharine leitmotifs and the most enthusiastic use of triangle in any orchestral work. Giselle has it all.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Giselle’s Restless Spirit

By Emily Trace

Traditionally described as ‘the ballerina’s Hamlet’, this production of Giselle by The National Ballet of Canada soundly debunks the adage.


A Wild Way Home in Le Petit Prince

Choreography by Guillaume Côté By Mark Mann Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince is both a perfect and a problematic choice. Perfect because the story is already furnished with all the necessary components for a conventional ballet, and problematic because Le Petit Prince is actually a dark and confusing book.

The National Ballet of Canada


Performance | Spectacle

Ottawa ON
January 19-21 janvier 2017
8:00 | 20:00

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Le Petit Prince

By Grace Wells-Smith

Full of flash and innovation, Le Petit Prince is a step in a different direction for The National Ballet of Canada.

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