Natasha Bakht

Natasha Bakht, Monica Shah

Series Dance 10 #29

Performance | Spectacle

Ottawa ON
November 23-25 novembre 2017
7:30 | 19:30

Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava in their own work Mouthpiece / Photo by Brooke Wedlock

Memorable Moments, Methods and Mediums

Celebrating Canadian Dance in 2016 By Emma Kerson

Is there a work or a collection of Canadian dance works that stand out as highlights to you from 2016? Are there any themes or ways of working that stand out to you as interesting or unique? We asked this question to dancers and dance enthusiasts from around the country and this was their reply.

Natasha Bakht


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
October 6-7 octobre 2016
7:30 | 19:30
Bharatanatyam, Contemporary

Natasha Bakht, Maria Shalvarova, Alon Gilin

Fall For Dance North 2016

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
October 5-7 octobre 2016

Natasha Bakht

White Space, Triptych Self, Loha, Obiter Dictum

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
December 6-8 décembre 2007
South Asian, Indian, Bharatanatyam


Encounter Overflow 

By Marie Claire Forté Canada Dance Festival 2006: Environmental Encounters  Canada Dance Festival

“Encounter great dance,” announced the 2006 Canada Dance Festival (CDF). Returning from a pared-down 2004 edition, Artistic Director Brian Webb presented a full program, complete with theatre performances, Dance Dialogues (a series of morning discussions and presentations) and Environmental Encounters (outdoor performances).  


A Double Handful 

By Kathleen Smith New Crop of Dancefilms Premiere at FIFA  FIFA (Festival International du Film sur L'Art) 

Montréal’s Festival international du film sur l’art (FIFA) launched its 23rd edition this past March at venues all over town. In addition to profiles of artists, films by artists and documentaries about creative process and art history, FIFA regularly premieres a double handful of dancefilms and docs about dance. This year’s crop was particularly accomplished. 


Dancers and Gemstones 

By Kathleen Smith CanAsian Dance Festival Program B  CanAsian Dance Festival

Great dancers are like gemstones. Fully experiencing their brilliance can depend on the sensitivity and fit of the setting theyve been given by the choreographer, composer, set designer etc. When everything is up to the standard such artists can inspire, excitement ensues; mess up with the setting and it feels like a crime against art.