Mile Zero Dance

Mile Zero Dance

Spontaneous Combustion

Performance | Spectacle

November 2 novembre 2013
8:00 | 20:00

Mile Zero Dance, Gerry Morita

Endangered Species

Performance | Spectacle

Edmonton AB
May 9-11 mai 2013
Contemporary, Multidisciplinary


The Little Big Festival 

By Philip Szporer Festival of New Dance  Festival of New Dance

There is no definitive formula for running a dance festival, but in the scheme of all things, the St. John’s Festival of New Dance is infused with the boldness of what might be described as a little big festival.  


The Force of Water (unsolicited submission) 

By Sherry Dawn Knettle “Swept Away” Mari Osanai, Mile Zero Dance

Mile Zero Dance’s annual Dance Lab Performance had an unexpectedly large audience for its informal showing of “Swept Away”, choreographed by Japan’s Mari Osanai. The result of a one-month workshop, this Dance Lab was exceptional because the work developed into a completed piece rather than the intended work-in-progress. 

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