Karine Denault

Karine Denault

L'échapée / L'aune

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
October 21-23 octobre 2015
8:00 | 20:00


Welcome to the After Party

By George Stamos Pleasure Dome Karine Denault

With her new creation, Pleasure Dome, Karine Denault creates an intimate space to reflect on the idea of pleasure as escapism. Her intention to flip expectations is revealed right from the start.


Bodies: Concrete, Multiple and Diffuse - Part 2 

By Megan Andrews, Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté Festival TransAmériques 2009  Festival TransAmériques

For the 2009 edition of the Festival TransAmérique in Montréal, Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté and I each contributed impressions and reflections. Here’s Part 2. 


Encounter Overflow 

By Marie Claire Forté Canada Dance Festival 2006: Environmental Encounters  Canada Dance Festival

“Encounter great dance,” announced the 2006 Canada Dance Festival (CDF). Returning from a pared-down 2004 edition, Artistic Director Brian Webb presented a full program, complete with theatre performances, Dance Dialogues (a series of morning discussions and presentations) and Environmental Encounters (outdoor performances).  

Humour, Words and Some All-Out Dance 

By Kaija Pepper Dancing on the Edge Festival 2003 Dancing on the Edge Festival

The fifteenth annual Dancing on the Edge, presented by the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver from July 3rd through 13th, was a remarkably mature edition.