Karen Kaeja

Karen Kaeja, Kaeja d'Dance

Dance Advance Workshop Series: Contemporary Improvisation

Workshop | Classe

Peterborough ON
February 22 février 2020
Dance Theatre

Dancers Allen and Karen Kaeja / Photo by Zhenya Cerneacov
Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Kaeja d'Dance

Kaeja Elevations Certification Level 1 - The Art of Flying

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
November 11-15 novembre 2019

Dancers Sam Ford and Sophia Casprini and Karen and Allen Kaeja's CONSUMED / Photo by Camilla Greenwell
Kaeja d'Dance, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja

Kaeja Intensive

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
November 4-8 novembre 2019

Shannon Litzenberger, Karen Kaeja, Aria Evans, Allen Kaeja

Porch View Dances

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
July 17-21 juillet 2019
17-20 @ 7:00 | 19:00
Community Dance


End of Season Awards

A roundup of recent award nominees and recipients.

Student Reporter Project

Contact: This is an Experiment

By Emma Cullen

Thanks to western media and reality TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Dance Moms, there is a false impression around dance culture nowadays.

Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, Kate Alton, Jay Hirabayashi, Barbara Bourget, Jasmyn Fyffe

Porch View Dances Toronto

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
July 13-17 juillet 2016
13, 14, 15, 16 @ 7:00 | 19:00

Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, Natasha Mansell, Augustine Wigel

Porch View Dances Kitchener

Performance | Spectacle

Kitchener  ON
June 25-26 juin 2016
1:00 | 13:00

360 Dance

Border Crossings

By Philip Szporer

In late April, I was an invited guest at the Northwest Network of Dance Festivals. The network brings together five major international dance festivals, located in three different states of the northwest region of Mexico: Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja California. Over a period of two weeks, I presented a talk on the development of Canadian video-dance entitled “Northern Exposures.”

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