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Out of the Audience and into the Fray

By Sarah Todd

International Dance Day was April 29. To be honest, I had never heard of it before – and that is a shame because dance (of all kinds) deserves a day of celebration.

605 Collective’s Inheritor Album in creation

A short video-document of Vancouver’s 605 Collective in rehearsal, as part of a two-year research process towards the company’s most recent work, Inheritor Album.

Vancouver Global Dance Project and Toronto's D2D Festival

From July 26th through August 13th, Vancouver hosted the city’s first contemporary dance festival for young and emerging artists: ...


Moments Captured 

By Kaija Pepper, Eury Chang, Alana Gerecke, Mary Theresa Kelly, Sarah Todd Dancing on the Edge 2010  Dancing on the Edge

Capsule reviews by various writers, capturing the essence of the festival.


West Coast Summer Dance 

By Kaija Pepper, Rob Kitsos Dancing on the Edge 2009  Dancing on the Edge

For dance artists in Vancouver, Dancing on the Edge is a destination.  

people : life 

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel Channel 3: Glass Anchor, Idle Heidi Strauss, Justine Chambers

More poetic responses to motion. 

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