Julia Sasso

Sporting Life

Julia Sasso remounts her 1996 work examining society’s love of violence.

Julia Sasso, Julia Sasso Dances

Sporting Life

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
March 3-5 mars 2016
8:00 | 20:00

Julia Sasso

Skinner Releasing Technique

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
November 4-15 novembre 2013
10:00 | 10:00


Making Statements 

By Samantha Mehra, Brittany Duggan “Based on Actual Unrelated Events” Meagan O’Shea, Stand Up Dance

A dialogue review of a performance in a very small space. 


When Dance Fell to Grace: a trio of solos (unsolicitied) 

By Penelope Ford Falling to Grace HOWDARESHE productions

Tanya Crowder describes the austere beauty of Venus in repose: supple neck climbing out of extended collarbones, braced by curving shoulders, yet her vulnerability is plain in her crooked knees that dip apart and ankles that wilt towards the floor.  


A Personal View of Humanity 

Beauty Julia Sasso

Every so often an artist makes a definitive work – one that encapsulates his or her vision of the nature of humanity and the world. Such provocative works stimulate discussion that resonates beyond the particulars of the work itself. 

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