Jeanne Holmes


Moving Others

The relationship between audience engagement and attendance By Emma Doran

Most dance artists and presenters must negotiate the tension between creating work that meets their artistic goals, that is accessible to their community and that provides the fiscal support required to live as an artist and to run a company. Emma Doran speaks with artists, organizations and presenters across the country to discuss how they envision their audience, how they are seeking to reach those individuals and what constitutes meaningful engagement with them.


Cross-Canada Checkup

Canada Dance Festival takes the pulse of dance in Canada By Kathleen Smith

Now gearing up for its twentieth edition, CDF offers an important accounting of the state of the art of dance across the country. With regular “off-year” events and a full-on festival every other year, the festival is dedicated to growing audiences in the Ottawa region and providing a meeting site for dance artists across regional, generational, cultural and disciplinary lines.

Bathtub Bran with Jeanne Holmes of Canada Dance Festival

In the third episode of Bathtub Bran goes to Canada Dance Festival, Bran Ramsey gets into the tub with Jeanne Holmes, artistic producer of CDF to talk about the festival, her role as artistic producer and some fun personal questions. CDF runs June 9 - 14 in Ottawa.


Jeanne Holmes appointed artistic producer of CDF

On December 1st, Jeanne Holmes will take her post as the new artistic producer of the Canada Dance Festival (CDF). With a backgrou...


New producing director at Dancemakers

Jeanne Holmes, former dance programmer at Harbourfront Centre, is the new producing director for Toronto’s Dancemakers and the Cen...