James Gnam

Plastic Orchid Factory, James Gnam

entre chien et loup

Broadcast | Diffusion

Vancouver BC
May 28-29 mai 2021

Artists involved in Evann Siebens' Radial Change / Photo by Evann Siebens
Evann Siebens, James Gnam, Vanessa Goodman

Beginning with the Seventies: Radial Change

Exhibit | Exposition

Vancouver BC
June 22-12 août 2018

Plastic Orchid Factory presents i miss doing nothing / Photo courtesy of the presenter
Natalie LeFebvre-Gnam, James Gnam

i miss doing nothing

Performance | Spectacle

Vancouver BC
July 11-14 juillet 2018
3:00-6:00 | 15:00-18:00

The Indexical Dance-a-Thon Documentation

Evann Siebens presented an overview of her multimedia exhibition, The Indexical, Alphabetized, Mediated, Archival Dance-a-Thon!

The Value of Things according to Jacques Poulin-Denis

La valeur des choses by Jacques Poulin-Denis opens this week in Montréal.

Jacques and James

An excerpt from James, part of James Gnam and Jacques Poulin-Denis’ holiday double bill at the Firehall Theatre in Vancouver running December 4 - 7. The solo charts one man’s lifelong relationship to The Nutcracker.


Body Talk

Highlights from DOTE By Sarah Todd Dancing on the Edge 2013

HIghlights from Vancouver’s 25th annual Dancing on the Edge Festival.


The Relevance of Character/s 

By Eury Chang James and Natalie: Study #1, Vancouver vs Vancouver Plastic Orchid Factory, MACHiNENOiSY

Mixed-bill evenings always strike me as ideal opportunities to compare different aesthetics, and that was certainly the case here, with two Vancouver companies – Plastic Orchid Factory and MACHiNENOiSY – presenting what was originally intended to be two duets


West Coast Summer Dance 

By Kaija Pepper, Rob Kitsos Dancing on the Edge 2009  Dancing on the Edge

For dance artists in Vancouver, Dancing on the Edge is a destination.