Helen Simard


An Electric Bolt of Messy

Helen Simard’s Requiem Pop By Philip Szporer

Helen Simard explores the life and work of music icon Iggy Pop in her newest creation called Requiem Pop, which tackles the notions of hero worship, fandom and the cultural icons we don’t know but love. The work unleashes an electric bolt of messy, self-destructive Iggy chaos onto the stage.

REQUIEM POP / Helen Simard. Photograph by Mathieu Desjardins
Helen Simard


Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
April 10-13 avril 2019
7:00 | 19:00


Summer and Fall Awards

A round up of the 2018 awards

Helen Simard


Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
February 27-3 mars 2017
February 27 at 7pm, February 28, March 2 and 3 at 8pm
Multidisciplinary, Contemporary


Moving Bodies

How does the centrality of bodily experience affect interdisciplinarity in dance? By Helen Simard

It is perhaps the presence of the body – and a desire to express one’s self through and from the body – that continues to define dance as an art form.


Performing Performances

By Kathleen Smith SummerWorks Festival

Dance was front and centre at SummerWorks this year, building on some serious bonds forged during past editions of this annual contemporary performance festival in Toronto.


Moving Beyond the Pas-de-Deux

Four Montréal-based dance artists discuss gender in contemporary dance By Helen Simard

Helen Simard discusses issues of gender in contemporary dance with four Montréal-based dance artists.

Karen Fennell, Jackie Gallant, Helen Simard

The Trouble With Reality & No Fun

Performance | Spectacle

September 17-20 septembre 2015
Sept. 17-19 @ 19:30 | 7:30


Taking the Plunge

Piss in the Pool By Lucy M. May Piss in the Pool Wants & Needs Danse

Wants & Needs Danse goes off the deep end with the 9th annual Piss in the Pool.


Two Takes on the Same Show 

By Philip Szporer, Lys Stevens “Take it Back” Solid State

Solid State’s new work, “Take it Back”, is a dance that crosses boundaries, re-sourcing the language of hip hop and the Lindy, presenting elements of street dance and swing in a theatrical setting.