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More of the Same Strange Forever

Fractals of You by Tentacle Tribe By Mark Mann Fractals of You

Fractals of You takes both its title and primary fascination from the phenomenon of similar patterns repeated at every scale – macro or micro, a fractal looks the same.

Tentacle Tribe, Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Elon Höglund

Fractals of You

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
November 15-19 novembre 2016
8:00 | 20:00
Contemporary, Urban

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Bgirl-inspired Playlists

“Breaking Bad: The New Bgirls” by Mary Fogarty in the March/April 2015 issue featured a range of major players in Canada’s bgirl community. These women are fighting for space and changing the status quo of bgirls in Canadian hip hop cultures. We’re inspired by them and wondered, what inspires them? Among other things, music.

Emmanuelle “Cleopatra” Lê Phan Throws It Down

The first of our bgirl video features for the March/April 2015 issue is a roundup of throwdowns from cover girl Emmanuelle “Cleopatra” Lê Phan.