Donald Sales

Donald Sales, Lesley Telford

DANCE ALLSORTS: Donald Sales/project 20 & Lesly Telford

Performance | Spectacle

Vancouver BC
October 23 octobre 2016
2:00 | 14:00

In Creation

In Creation is a short film by Lynne Spencer, depicting the choreographic process of Simone Orlando as she develops a new work on Makaila Wallace and Donald Sales.

Donald Sales

Dance Masters at the Banff Summer Arts Festival

Performance | Spectacle

Banff  AB
July 23-26 juillet 2013
Ballet, Contemporary


The Kiss of a Drunk Dog and Other Inspirations for Dance 

By Kaija Pepper Chutzpah! Festival  Aszure Barton, Barak Marshall, Noam Gagnon & Various

More than ever before, dance companies are international microcosms, a fact driven home during the Chutzpah! Festival’s presentation of Noord Nederlandse Dans (NND), a fifteen-year-old group from Groningen, Holland. 


Ballet’s Evolving Story of Style and Presence 

By Kaija Pepper 25th Anniversary Celebration Ballet British Columbia

New dances set to new music: the quartet of commissions celebrating Ballet British Columbia’s twenty-fifth anniversary were very contemporary in their restless explorations of the body in theatrical motion.