David Norsworthy

Mark Kunji Ikeda / Photo courtesy of CanAsian Dance KickStart Festival
Lee Su-Feh, Tedd Robinson, David Norsworthy, Justin de Luna, Suzanne Liska, Takako Segawa, Pamela Tzeng, Mark Kunji Ikeda

CanAsian Dance KickStart Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
September 23-30 septembre 2018
Contemporary, Asian

Roxanne Korpan / Photo by Citrus Photography and Dancers' Studio West
Michael Caldwell, Jennifer Dallas, Candice Irwin, David Norsworthy, Genevieve Robitaille

Series 3 - Into the Fire

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 21-22 avril 2018
21 @ 7:00 | 21:00

Photo Courtesy of Presenter
Human Body Expression, Hanna Kiel, Luke Garwood, Kelly Shaw, Ryan Lee, David Norsworthy

Chasing the Path

Performance | Spectacle

March 15-17 mars 2018
Thurs-Sat @ 8 PM | Jeudi-Samedi @ 20:00


Permission to View Freely

entrances and exits by TOES for Dance By Sarah Lochhead Entrances & Exits

entrances and exits by TOES for Dance showcased a diverse range of what one might expect to see under the catch-all term contemporary dance with eleven individual dance pieces on the bill.