Dana Michel

Dana Michel, Zoja Smutny

In Touch - 1976 & Recent Future

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
January 22-24 janvier 2015
8:00 | 20:00

Yellow Towel

Dana Michel’s solo Yellow Towel wins inaugural award at the 2014 ImPulsTanz: Vienna International Dance Festival.

360 Dance

2013 Round-up

By Philip Szporer

Our online regional editor in Montréal shares his favourite dance performances in 2013.


Bonjay is a fusion of lyricist Alanna Stuart and beat producer Pho, Canadian artists who inspired choreographer Dana Michel to create two versions to the song Stumble for two different dancers. This video features Liana Lewis dancing, while a second showcases Addy Chan.


Yellow Towel

Dana Michel / Band of Bless By Philip Szporer Yellow Towel Festival TransAmériques 2013

Her character is very alone. The stuttering, repetitive actions and words and sounds all indicate someone who is scared, wanting to hide, and yet not.

Dana Michel

Yellow Towel

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
May 24-26 mai 2013
21:00 | 9:00 vendredi, samedi | Fri, Sat; 19:00 | 7:00 dimanche | Sun

Canadian dance film wins international video award

The Greater the Weight, a dance film produced and directed by Mouvement Perpétuel's Marlene Millar and Phillip Szporer and ...


The Spirit of Dance Weaves a Tale 

By Suzanne Jaeger dance Immersion Showcase Presentation   Dance Immersion

“Throughout history, our people have been able to survive, through dance,” says Emerita Emerencia, who plays the role of a storyteller guiding the audience through various dances of the African Diaspora in the Dance Immersion Showcase Presentation’s Saturday matinee.  

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