Constance Cooke

Constance Cooke

Creating Impact: Screendance Essentials

Workshop | Classe

Vancouver All
September 11 septembre 2021

Constance Cooke, Pamela Millar, Kayla Jeanson

Screendance Intensive 2016

Intensive | Atelier

Winnipeg MB
August 8-20 août 2016

Frédérick Gravel, Étienne Lepage, German Jauregui, DORSALE Dance, adelheid dance projects, Constance Cooke, Tara Cheyenne Performance, Dumb Instrument Dance, OURO Collective, Alexis Fletcher, Mascall Dance, Wen Wei Dance, Amber Funk Barton, Starrwind Dance Projects, Josh Beamish

Dancing on the Edge Festival 2016

Festival | Festival

Vancouver BC
July 7-16 juillet 2016

Constance Cooke


Performance | Spectacle

Victoria AB
February 20-21 février 2015
Feb 20 @ 8:00 | 20:00, Feb 21 @ 11:00 | 23:00
Contemporary, Interdisciplinary



A Sawdon Dance premiere By Dani Finch Surfacing

You know a performance has captured you when it encourages you to explore your own emotions. Surfacing, a collection of four new solo works by Rebecca Sawdon of Winnipeg’s Sawdon Dance, had me on an emotional roller coaster throughout the performance – and at different points I was both disturbed and elated.


A Retro Night Out 

By Kaija Pepper Ballet Rocks – From Bach to Pink Floyd Ballet Victoria

Ballet Victoria’s one-night-only appearance at North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre drew a good crowd for a mixed bill mostly of premieres to music by Bach (the first half) and Pink Floyd (the second).  


Reading Dance 

By Robin J. Miller Nanaimo Infringing Dance Festival  Nanaimo Infringing Dance Festival 

Nanaimo, BC – about an hour-and-a-half’s drive north from Victoria on Vancouver Island – is not anybody’s idea of a chic, urban centre. It doesn’t even have a downtown Starbucks. What it does have is a contemporary dance festival, when other, much larger and ostensibly more dance-friendly cities have lost theirs. 


Of Toddlers, Maidens and Women 

By Robin J. Miller Three Flights Up Lynda Raino, Constance Cooke, Denise Lieutaghi

In the grey drizzle of a typical January on the West Coast, Victoria’s three best-known choreographers each took thirty minutes to prove that modern dance likes to tell stories just as much as classical ballet does.  

Humour, Words and Some All-Out Dance 

By Kaija Pepper Dancing on the Edge Festival 2003 Dancing on the Edge Festival

The fifteenth annual Dancing on the Edge, presented by the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver from July 3rd through 13th, was a remarkably mature edition.