Claudia Moore

Claudia Moore, Terrill Maguire, Michelle Silagy, Arwyn Carpenter, Cristina González, Carol Anderson

A Dance In the Garden: Elemental

Installation | Installation

Bloomfield ON
August 20 août 2017
5:30 | 17:30
Modern, Contemporary

Flesh and a Broken Whisper

Justine Comfort in rehearsal for Flesh and a Broken Whisper by John Ottman, presented as part of Older & Reckless 37: Old & Young and Reckless Together


The Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network Mentorship Program

The Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network (CSARN) is developing a mentorship program. Officially launched in January 2014, CSARN is currently accepting applications from professional artists of all ages. Mentors must be sixty or older, but mentees can be artists of any age wishing to develop new skills.


Dancing with the Devil-May-Care

Generations of Dance at Old & Young and Reckless Together (#32) By Marie France Forcier Edition # 32 - Old & Young and Reckless Together

Older & Reckless, veteran dance artist Claudia Moore’s brainchild, is celebrating the launch of its fifteenth season, and the crowd’s appreciation for the long-running series is palpable and contagious.


(Nevertheless …)

Fujiwara Dance Inventions By Ben Portis EUNOIA

The first choreographic adaptation of Christian Bök’s pièce de résistance, his conceptual prose poem Eunoia (2001), as conceived by Denise Fujiwara is tremendously delightful, witty and entertaining, yet nevertheless … somehow … a letdown.

Claudia Moore, MOonhORsE Dance Theatre

Older and Reckless

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 6-9 novembre 2014
6, 8 @ 8:00 | 20:00, 7 @ 7:00 | 19:00


The Escape Artist: Claudia Moore

On the occasion of a milestone birthday, dancer/choreographer Claudia Moore presents The Escape Artist, her evening-length solo riff on escaping into dance and performance, a life-long strategy. Seen here through photos.


How do you handle pain?

We asked a handful of practitioners across the country how they deal with, work with and otherwise live with the pain that goes hand-in-hand with a career in dance.


Dances in a Small Room I and II / Canvas 5 x 5 

By Munju Monique Ravindra Claudia Moore and Mocean Dance Claudia Moore / Tedd Robinson / Mocean Dance

Live Art Dance Productions puts on shows that are just that: Art. Live. Dance. And, like so much of art (and of life), unexpected juxtapositions can change what you perceive.

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