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Chan Hon Goh

Dancer's Kitchen

Chan Hon Goh's Banana Bread

This recipe is, according to Goh, one that balances “nutritional value paired with delicious taste.”


Chan Hon Goh on Change and Giving Back

The principal dancer turned teacher and her cross-Canada master class tour By Emma Kerson

Coaching the next generation of aspiring ballerinas as part of her role as director of the Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver, Vancouver’s Chan Hon Goh shares her favourite ballets, what dance means to her and the her thoughts on the state of Canadian ballet.

Chan Hon Goh

Rolex presents: A Chinese New Year Celebration with Chan Hon Goh, Prima Ballerina of the National Ballet of Canada and Friends

Performance | Spectacle

Scarborough ON
January 26 janvier 2008

Chan Hon Goh new director of Goh Ballet Academy

Chan Hon Goh, former principal dancer with The National Ballet of Canada, has been appointed the new director of Vancouver’s Goh B…

Vancouverites Goh and Holmes return home to stage Nutcracker

Chan Hon Goh, former principle dancer with The The National Ballet of Canada, has signed on as artistic coordinator for the Goh Ba...

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