Casimiro Nhussi

On the Ground

Konversations on Colour: A Report

By Collette Murray

While anticipating a new decade of growth and possibilities, the dance community came to an unprecedented halt in March 2020. But under COVID-19 restrictions, an even greater emergence impacts the emotional well-being, spirits, safety and livelihoods of Black people: Anti-Black racism.

Casimiro Nhussi, Alejandra Nunez

Doing Our Thing: Workshop

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
April 29 avril 2017
9:00 | 9:00
African, Contemporary, Multidisciplinary

Casimiro Nhussi, Various Artists

Doing Our Thing: Showcase

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 29 avril 2017
8:00 | 20:00
African, Contemporary

Casimiro Nhussi

Celebrating our Men in Dance Workshop Series

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
February 9 février 2014
Children's workshop @ 1:00 | Cours pour enfants @ 13:00, Adult's workshop @ 2:30 | Cours pour adultes @ 14:30
Contemporary, African


NAfro: Moving Inspirations Festival

By Holly Harris NAfro: Moving Inspirations Festival  NAfro Dance Productions

Ten years after being birthed by founding artistic director Casimiro Nhussi, Winnipeg’s NAfro Dance Productions has come of age.


Resonant and Restless Voices 

By Holly Harris “Sauti” NAfro Dance Productions

Voice – the elusive quality that speaks volumes about subjective artistic experience – took centre stage at The Gas Station Theatre as NAfro Dance Productions opened its fusion-based, African contemporary dance season with “Sauti”.