Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON)


Rallying for Change

The past, present and future of the status of the independent dance artist in Canada By Molly Johnson

How can we improve the working and living conditions of independent dance artists in Canada? Thirty years ago three dance artists founded the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists to educate and advocate on behalf of dancers. How have working conditions of dancers changed since then? And what are the pressing issues that need to be addressed in the present?


Know Your Worth

On Saturday, May 28, around 100 commercial and urban dancers flocked to The Underground Dance Centre in Toronto for Interpose: A Dancer’s Rights Seminar. In the field of commercial dance, art has a boss. In fact, the chain of command stems from the client, down through the production company, to the choreographer and then to the dancer, the bottom of a chain fuelled by commerce above all else.

CADA-ON unveils new health plan

Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON) recently announced the first phase of its new Arts Workers Health Ins…


Trillium Foundation awards funding to micro-finance for artists research project

The Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON), has been awarded a $27,800 grant from the Ontario Trillium Found...


CADA-ON publishes professional standards for dance, version 3

The Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON) has published Version 3 of its Professional Standards for Dance (…

CADA hosts "Copyright for Choreographers" session

On May 15th the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA) hosted a “Copyright for Choreographers” session with Artists’ Legal Advice Services (ALAS) and Dance Ontario.

CADA-ON and Dance Ontario announce new partnership

The Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA-ON) and Dance Ontario have announced their intentions to launc…

Thesis studying CADA-ON's PSD now available

A thesis titled “The Evolution of Professional Standards for Dance in Ontario: CADA-ON and the PSD” was recently completed by danc...

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Esie Mensah / Image courtesy of the presenter
Esie Mensah

Working Intersections in Dance and Theatre

Talk | Conférence

Toronto ON
February 19 février 2019
6:30 | 18:30
Dance Theatre, All

Left Photo: Photo by Jenny Vu Dancer Jason Nugent  Right Photo: Artist Panelist William Yong Photo by Shakeil Rollock
Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC)

On The MOVE Toronto 2019

Conference | Colloque

Toronto ON
February 1 février 2019
8:30-5:00 | 8:30-17:00