Brian Webb

Brian Webb, Nicole Mion, Robin Poitras

Prairie Dance Circuit

Performance | Spectacle

Calgary AB
October 18-19 octobre 2017
7:00pm; 9:00pm

Brian Webb

Master Class with Brian Webb

Workshop | Classe

Edmonton AB
February 19 février 2016
10:00-12:00 | 10:00-12:00


Prairie Fire and Ice

The Prairie Dance Circuit in Winnipeg By Holly Harris Prairie Dance Circuit

For the past four years, the Prairie Dance Circuit (PDC) has boldly tackled the question of whether a particular aesthetic unique to Canada’s flatlands exists – or not.


New Work from the Heartland 

By Holly Harris Prairie Dance Circuit   Brian Webb, Robin Poitra, Davida Monk, Nicole Mion, Brent Lott

The Prairie Dance Circuit (PDC) produced a bounty harvest of five premieres with its second annual touring production by the same name.


Brian Webb announces his departure from CDF

Brian Webb, artistic director of the Canada Dance Festival (CDF), announced in January that he will be completing his tenure in Oc...


Far from Flat 

By Kate Stashko Prairie Dance Circuit  Prairie Dance Circuit

When most people think of the prairies, they think flat, monotonous even. Five artistic directors disagree, and they’re proving their point with a tour that propels prairie dance to new heights. 

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