Brandy Leary

Dancer Marie France Forcier in "Marie" / Photo by Citrus Photo
Marie France Forcier, Melanie Kloetzel, Linnea Swan, Brandy Leary, Jocelyn Leiver

Dance ProSeries

Performance | Spectacle

Calgary AB
January 25-26 janvier 2019
8:00 | 20:00


Thunderstruck: Physical Landscapes

An exhibit curated by Jenn Goodwin exploring the landscape of dance


Melting, Mourning and a Series of Impossible Tasks

By Brandy Leary

In June of 2017 Brandy Leary was part of The Arctic Circle’s Summer Solstice Expedition. She reflects on this residency program, which brings together international artists, scientists, architects and educators who collectively explore remote and fascinating locations aboard an ice-class tall ship (Antigua). The residency takes place in the international territory of Svalbard, a mountainous Arctic archipelago just ten degrees from the North Pole.


Moving Others

The relationship between audience engagement and attendance By Emma Doran

Most dance artists and presenters must negotiate the tension between creating work that meets their artistic goals, that is accessible to their community and that provides the fiscal support required to live as an artist and to run a company. Emma Doran speaks with artists, organizations and presenters across the country to discuss how they envision their audience, how they are seeking to reach those individuals and what constitutes meaningful engagement with them.

Participants at Don’t Forget the Money! forum presented by Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery / Photo by Jayne Wilkinson

Don't Forget the Money!

Don’t Forget the Money! is the first in a new series of forums presented by Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery called Working with Concepts. The public discussion was aimed at navigating the unique labour processes in the interaction of artistic discipline of dance and various contemporary art contexts.

all our days are full of breath by Jessica Karuhanga and Brandy Leary
Brandy Leary, Jessica Karuhanga

all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
March 24-8 avril 2017

Company Hataw / Photo by Ken Dobbs


Coming together to decolonize dance space By Aparita Bhandari

Brandy Leary and Soraya Peerbaye launch a project looking to make understandings of contemporary dance performance more inclusive and diverse.

Brandy Leary, Anandam Dancetheatre

Body Brake

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 18 avril 2014
10:30 | 22:30


Night at the Museum 

By Brittany Duggan Divergent Dances for Windows and Walls Brandy Leary/Anandam Dance

Under the artistic direction of Toronto’s Brandy Leary, the performance installation is a melding of spectacle and public participatory art using urban architecture.