Amelia Ehrhardt

Timea Wharton-Suri, Amelia Ehrhardt

Artists’ Statement Workshop with Timea Wharton-Suri & Amelia Ehrhardt

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
April 3 avril 2019
2:00 | 14:00

Amelia Ehrhardt in her work, No Context / Photo by Yuula Benivolski
Amelia Ehrhardt

No Context

Performance | Spectacle

Edmonton AB
March 2-4 mars 2017
8:00 | 20:00


SummerWorks Performance Festival Turns Twenty-Five and Formally Invites Dance Out

Interview with Amelia Ehrhardt – SummerWorks Dance Curator By Marie France Forcier

Since the winter of 2014, Toronto-based dance artist Amelia Ehrhardt has been exponentially developing her curatorial profile through the umbrella of Flowchart, a self-founded, small-scale multidisciplinary performance series. Garnering recognition for the quality of her work, Ehrhardt is now SummerWorks’ first dance curator, right in time for the performance festival’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

Harbourfront Centre HATCH, Amelia Ehrhardt, the red light district™, WIVES


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 18-9 mai 2015
Contemporary, Performance Art



Dancing Between Boundaries at SummerWorks By Kathleen Smith SummerWorks Performance Festival

Dance and dancers were all over this August’s two-week SummerWorks Festival in Toronto – yet they weren’t only dancing. Within the festival framework, the sensibilities of these artists, their respective positions concerning tradition, technology, engagement and cross-disciplinary collaboration, became highlighted in a provocative and energetic way.