Allison Cummings

Dancer's Kitchen

Allison's Celebration Cake

A decadent dessert from the go-to cake maker for the Toronto dance community, Allison Cummings.

Allison Cummings

Field Trip 2: A Sore For Punching You Intensive

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
January 30-1 février 2015
10:00-4:00 | 10:00 à 16:00


Canada Dance Festival Roundup

By Lys Stevens

In June, as festival season takes flight across Canada, the Canada Dance Festival (CDF) kicks off in Ottawa. I took on the CDF by bike, for the ease of speed when moving from one venue to another.

SWAP IT! event aims to satisfy community's needs

On September 25th, the first SWAP IT!, an arts resource-sharing event hosted by The Alliance of Independent Mid-Career Dance Creat...

Devouring Lions

This past weekend, Toronto’s Allison Cummings presented her new work Devouring Lions, which has been in development for about 3 years.