Alberta Ballet

Alberta Ballet

Madame Butterfly

Performance | Spectacle

Calgary AB
September 26-28 septembre 2013

Alberta Ballet: Love Lies Bleeding

Recently posted to The Dance Current’s website is a review of Alberta Ballet’s Love Lies Bleeding.


The Gigantic, Fantastic Elton John 

By Oriana Pagnotta “Love Lies Bleeding” Jean Grand-Maître, Alberta Ballet

You know you’re not walking into a typical evening at the ballet when they’re selling florescent boas and sparkly, star-shaped sunglasses at the merchandise table.


Dancing to Save Paradise 

By Kaija Pepper Dancing Joni & Other Works Alberta Ballet

The press interest in “The Fiddle and the Drum” by Alberta Ballet’s artistic director, Jean Grand-Maître, and legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, surprised everyone – but probably not Mitchell, the cause of it all. Though apparently reclusive, she must be used to attention after four successful decades in the music business and, in order to publicize the ballet, was willing to hold court.  


Pages from a Storybook Ballet 

By Pamela Anthony "Cinderella" Jean Grand-Maître, Alberta Ballet

In his new full-length “Cinderella” for Alberta Ballet, choreographer and artistic director Jean Grand-Maître’s vision is of a young woman more concerned with the daunting task of survival than with snaring a prince.