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About Us

The scoop, the action, the issues, the artists! Inclusive of all genres, The Dance Current is a magazine that takes the reader inside the art and culture of dance in Canada.

Published six times a year by Dance Media Group/Groupe Danse Média, a registered charitable not-for-profit organization, The Dance Current has two components: a bi-monthly print magazine and a supplementary web component highlighting performance reviews from across the country and providing online resources for dancers and audiences.

Regular print issues include artist profiles, interviews, feature articles, opinions and critical commentary from people in the profession, plus event highlights to keep readers informed about upcoming performances.

The Dance Current is also an indispensable resource and communication tool for the dance professional. The magazine offers free performance listings and a wide range of advertising options for the promotion of performances, events, products and services.

Available by subscription and by single copy at selected newsstands or in digital format, The Dance Current is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Canadian dance.



At Dance Media Group, we envision a critically informed and interconnected field of artistic practice, and an increasingly dance-educated, dance-literate general public that appreciates and engages with the range of expressions in Canada’s dance art and practice, valuing dance’s cultural impact and contribution to the richness of Canadian life.



We are the leading not-for-profit dance media organization in Canada facilitating engaged and critical/contextual conversation about the art, practices and people involved in dance.

We do this by commissioning, curating and publishing original Canadian content and by producing educational projects in collaboration with dance artists and organizations, educators, scholars, writers and photographers, as well as arts and culture journalists, writers and educators from beyond dance. Dance Media Group stands on the founding principles of education, communication and community. We serve the professional milieu and the general public, making connections among dance professionals, students, amateur and recreational participants, and audiences. Through our content and programming we actively educate, cultivating dance literacy and providing the broadest possible public with access points into dance art and culture.



As an organization we are:

  1. Passionate about the value and contribution of dance to culture and society
  2. Committed to the highest standards of excellence in producing and disseminating content and educational programs and services for and about the dance field
  3. Collaborative in the development and delivery of relevant and inspiring ideas, presentations, innovations and critical discourse
  4. Responsible with our power as media and responsive to the needs and interests of our stakeholders
  5. Inclusive of the breadth and diversity of peoples and practices in dance and dance culture
  6. Dedicated to the business, financial and environmental sustainability of our organization and the dance ecology as a whole



Our organizational goals are to:

  • Lead the development of public dance appreciation and literacy
  • Educate a broad public about the current context and future direction of dance in Canada
  • Build organizational capacity
  • Engage in collaboration with others on shared objectives.


Programming Principles

Dance Media Group embraces the breadth and diversity of dance art and culture from professional concert performances to popular live and broadcasted events, and from adult social dance practice to amateur and youth training and recreation.

At The Dance Current we aim to:

1. Cultivate and present diverse and pluralist perspectives on dance and dance in society
2. Facilitate multiple ways of engaging with, thinking about and discussing dance as part of the cultural fabric of Canadian life
3. Encourage and explore new approaches and developments in the art and practice of dance from professional to amateur to recreational
4. Expand public education on dance and dance community beyond the status quo
5. Bring informed expertise to bear in all our activities
6. Maintain a respectful critical view
7. Use accessible language and modes of communication that are clear to the general public


Dance Media Group uses multiple platforms including print publication, digital and social media, and live events to further our mission to connect people with dance and help deepen their engagement with it. We work with experts in the field including scholars, artists, educators, curators, critics and archivists, who advise on and participate in our programming at all levels. With an educational mandate at our core, we connect communities, engage publics, cultivate discourse, and contribute to a culture of literacy about dance art and culture through three main streams: 

PRINT - We publish a bimonthly print magazine – The Dance Current – about the artists, events and issues in Canadian dance

ONLINE - We produce educational online content including features, news, reviews, videos, listings and columns. We distribute a monthly content-based e-bulletin with links to recent content, news updates and upcoming events. We dialogue with our publics on social media.

LIVE - We mentor undergraduate journalism and dance students through an intern program. We co-produce conferences and symposia, talks, and salons; and we present tutorials, workshops, and seminars.

Dance Media Group plays an essential role in the Canadian cultural ecology. We are the only organization of our kind for dance in Canada. 


Our History

The Dance Current was founded in 1998 by independent dance artist Megan Andrews and an informal executive committee: Monica Gan, Darryl Tracy and Shannon Potts. The original concept was motivated by the apparent need for a communication tool in the form of a written publication for the Toronto dance community. Initially conceived as a monthly listings-based newsletter, the publication came to include editorial content as well as paid advertising. For the first year the publication was entirely volunteer-run, with subscription, single copy and advertising sales income covering the essential production and printing costs. In the second year, support from government funding bodies (for which we were and remain very grateful) was dedicated exclusively to human resources honoraria for the writers and the operations personnel. No longer a community newsletter, the publication embraces its identity as a full-fledged Canadian dance magazine, recognized through membership Magazines Canada (formerly the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association). 

The Dance Current est fondé et 1998 par l’artiste de danse indépendante Megan Andrews et un conseil de direction non officiel : Monica Gan, Darryl Tracy et Shannon Potts. À la base, le magazine veut répondre au besoin manifeste d’un outil de communication en forme d’une publication imprimée au sein du milieu de la danse à Toronto. Conçu premièrement comme un communiqué mensuel basé sur des annonces d’événements, la publication a pris de l’ampleur pour ensuite inclure un contenu éditorial et des annonces payantes. La première année, la publication était assurée par une équipe de bénévoles ; les abonnements, la vente de numéros et la publicité couvraient l’essentiel des coûts de production et d’impression. La deuxième année, l’appui d’organismes de subventions gouvernementaux (pour lequel nous étions et nous demeurons très reconnaissants) était consacré exclusivement aux honoraires des ressources humaines pour les rédacteurs et le personnel exécutif. À présent, bien plus qu’un communiqué communautaire, la publication assume pleinement son identité en tant que publication intégrale sur la danse au Canada, reconnue par son adhésion à Magazines Canada (anciennement l’Association des éditeurs de magazines canadiens). 


From the Founding Editor | Mot de la rédactrice fondatrice

I believe that in order to create a significant presence in the arts and society and to further establish credibility for the art form, dance needs to embrace certain formal strategies in the areas of communication, documentation, critical questioning, political and professional interaction. Acknowledging its role as media and recognizing its accountability to the field, The Dance Current strives to broaden the coverage of dance as a professional art form, as a field of study, as cultural expression, as performance and as entertainment. The Dance Current places Canadian dance – with all its myriad forms, distinct practices and branches of activity – in context for those working within it and those participating as audience members. It aims to inform, communicate and educate through published writing.

Afin d’asseoir une présence significative au sein de la culture et de la société, et de favoriser la crédibilité de la forme d’art, la danse doit, selon moi, endosser certaines stratégies formelles en communication, en documentation, en questionnement critique et en interactions politiques et professionnelles. En reconnaissant son rôle de média et sa responsabilité dans le milieu de la danse, The Dance Current vise à augmenter la couverture de la danse en tant que forme d’art professionnelle, champ d’études, expression culturelle, spectacle et divertissement. The Dance Current met la danse canadienne, dans sa myriade de formes, de pratiques distinctes et de champs d’activité, en contexte pour les intervenants du milieu et ceux qui y participent en tant que public. Par l’entremise de textes publiés, le magazine veut informer, communiquer et cultiver. 

Megan Andrews

– Megan Andrews