A Playful Life

Feeling anxious about going back to work? Try finger painting, face painting and jumping in puddles. By Kara Latta


Double Feature Is a Testament to the Need for Truth Before Reconciliation

Citadel + Compagnie marked the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation with a touching double feature By Amy Hull


In the Political Theatre

On Sept. 20, Canada went to the polls following a five-week snap election campaign. Despite the brevity and the ongoing pandemic, candidates poured themselves into appealing to voters in their communities. One of those candidates was Sarah Lochhead, the founder of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers, a dance instructor, researcher and administrator who has worked with a number of organizations including The Dance Current. She seized the opportunity to defend the value of artists holding political roles. By Kallee Lins


Andrea Peña’s 6.58: Manifesto Examines The Body As a Site Through Which Societies Create an Oppressive System

“Numerous theorists have written about the development of capitalism and the politicization and mechanization of our bodies, yet I don’t think I’ve ever contemplated these concerns in alignment with a dance work,” writes Szporer. By Philip Szporer


Party Representatives Debate Bill C-10

On Monday, a week before the federal election, the Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the department of communications of the Université de Montréal co-presented Debate on Culture 2021. The hot topic: Bill C-10.


Travis Knights Wants His Own Table

In the midst of a social reckoning in Canada, tap dancer Travis Knights challenges audiences to ask themselves, “Who are we to each other?” By Catherine Abes


Waterline: A Dance with the Surface of the Water Considers What Water Might Remember

In partnering with a river’s surface, the performance meditates on the vital relations between humans, water and what becomes ghostly By Jillian Groening


Arts to Politics and Back Again

Philip Szporer and Nadine Medawar, the new director of the Regroupement québécois de la danse, talk about the future of the organization and how it will tackle social issues and connect with the rest of Canada. By Philip Szporer


Back to School

The creators of Pivot Dancer present five strategies to avoid injury when you return to training in a studio this year. By Geneviève Renaud, Dinah Hampson


[Advertisement] Audition Directory

A directory of training program auditions in Canada and the United States in 2022.


Where My Body Belongs

I wonder how many amazing voices, of all sizes, our industry has lost because our obsession with achieving the “dancer body” clouds our understanding of artistry. By Candice Irwin