Wanted Rides the Line Between Campy and Cool

The world of the cowboy is the setting for CAMP’s exploration of good and evil, but the idea that hero and villain can be a matter of perspective applies to us all. By Tessa Perkins Deneault


Stories of Struggle and Triumph Underscore GRIT: Short Dances

GRIT: Short Dances is an online showcase of five dancefilms streaming on YouTube from May 14 to 21. Together, they form a kaleidoscopic tapestry that offers a glimpse into the breadth of Asian perspectives that are woven into the fabric of our country. By Joshua Chong


The Coming Silence Is a Wild Ride

A performance centred on extinction, The Coming Silence interprets humanity’s place in the wilderness of today. By Jenna Shummoogum


The Definition of Sexy

Ruthe Ordare demonstrates how burlesque can help cultivate strong, healthy communities and rematriate the sexuality of Indigenous women. By Robyn Grant-Moran


The Dance Centre’s Latest Show in the Discover Dance! Series Is a Flamenco Smorgasbord

There’s much to admire in this short half-hour performance. Kasandra “La China”’s love for the art form shines through clearly, and her captivating performance pulls off what every showcase should do: it leaves you wanting more. By Joshua Chong


Writing With a Sharp Pencil

As a part of our series Dance Criticism: Perceptions, challenges and the future, Grace Wells-Smith speaks to four Canadian dance critics about how dance criticism fits into the current fold. By Grace Wells-Smith


What Kind of World Do We Want?

Red Sky Performance’s Mistatim is getting a digital reinvention. The story explores truth and reconciliation with the aim of educating children and asks us to consider the kind of world we want to inhabit. By Robyn Grant-Moran


Vivine Scarlett, Founder of dance Immersion, Receives the 2021 Muriel Sherrin Award

Vivine Scarlett, founder and executive director of dance Immersion, was awarded the 2021 Muriel Sherrin award for her work since founding the organization more than 25 years ago, providing dancers of the African diaspora with a variety of platforms and support, both in Canada and abroad.


Propeller Dance Brings Vibrant Joy to Our Living Rooms for Earth Day 2021

Stepping into Propeller Dance’s two-hour live and interactive virtual Earth Day celebration was like being welcomed into a warm and vibrant community. By Patricia Allison


The Career Chronicles

The financial realities of working in dance mean that artists often need to find other work to boost their income. Emily Pettet speaks to artists who are working in other industries alongside dance in order to find out how their jobs come together to inspire them. By Emily Pettet


Belinda McGuire’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Dancefilm Invigorates a Challenged Art Form

User control is a constitutive feature of electronic gaming but foreign to contemporary dance, making this project by the Canadian-born, New York-based indie dance artist Belinda McGuire genuinely innovative. By Deirdre Kelly


Orange Is a Mesmerizing Duet on Human Connection

Joshua Chong reviews Plastic Orchid Factory’s production of Orange, an aching but welcome antidote in this era of physical distancing. By Joshua Chong