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The Nutcracker: A Canadian Tradition

By Julye Huggins

Tomorrow begins an Ontario tour for Ballet Jörgen Canada, which will be presenting The Nutcracker in Guelph (December 2nd-3rd), Toronto (December 8th-9th), Chatham (December 11th-12th), Brantford (December 15th), Ottawa (December 17th-18th and 20th-21st), Windsor (December 23rd), Kitchener (December 28th) and Markham (December 29th-30th).This original choreography by Bengt Jörgen is touted as “a true Canadian tradition”, according to the company’s website. Said to be Canada’s newest full-length ballet, this version of The Nutcracker was inspired by early 20th century Canadian landscape artists, such as the Group of Seven. Even the story is brought back to Canadian soil, setting the first act in the rural town of Bisset, Ontario. Klara’s dreams in the second act continue to reflect the local flavour with snowflakes, birch trees, lumberjacks, Mounties and woodland creatures.
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