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Benjamin Kamino


Reel to Real

By Emma Kerson

Championing a multi-generational group in a multitude of artistic genres, Xtraordinary TO Dances (XTOD) is a ten-year dream come to life for Kaeja d’Dance’s artistic directors, Karen and Allen Kaeja.

Kaeja d'Dance


Performance | Spectacle

Vancouver BC
March 9-11 mars 2017
8:00 | 20:00


Announcing Awards

A round-up of recent Canadian dance awards.

Kaeja d'Dance, Lesandra Dodson, Connection Dance Works

IMPACTFest 2016

Festival | Festival

Moncton NB
February 16-20 février 2016
Feb. 16, 18 & 20 @ 7:30 | 19:30


Dance and Objecthood

By Ben Portis

In dance training, personality routinely gets tamped down. The dancer’s discipline begins with conditioned sublimation of his or her individual identity and experience, let alone spontaneity and expression. This leaves dance in a curiously anachronistic position with respect to a new generational trend in the arts – interdisciplinarity.

Peggy Baker Dance Projects

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Dreamwalker Dance Company: The Whole Shebang

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Peggy Baker Dance Projects: Piano/Quartet

Coming up in Toronto, Peggy Baker Dance Projects presents the sound and feel of it, January 20th through 29th. The show features performers Peggy…